Employment Opportunities

2017 Servant Leader Intern Job Description

St. Paul’s Baptist Church 2017 Freedom School

Servant Leader Intern

Dates:              June 27 -August 11, 2017

Stipend:           $2,700.00


Nature and Scope

The St. Paul’s Baptist Church Freedom School is an educational and cultural enrichment program. Our program provides summer options for children where there are none, with the aim strengthening parent and community involvement in the year round achievement of children. We serve children completing grades 4-8 for six weeks and integrate reading, conflict resolution, and social action in an activity-based curriculum to promote social, cultural, and historical awareness.

For over 127 years. The St. Paul’s Baptist Church has stood as a beacon for social and economic justice in Philadelphia. Hosting Freedom School is one way the St. Paul’s Church demonstrates its commitment to the community. The St. Paul’s church is committed to empower children with the tools of history, critical engagement, and advocacy that they might develop thoughts and movements that will impact our community and our world.

Persons of college-age and recent college graduates play a key role in the St. Paul’s Freedom School program as Servant Leader Interns. St.  Paul’s Baptist Church Freedom School’s Servant Leader Interns are responsible for the front-line care and nurture of children. Using a history and literacy centered curriculum, they serve as facilitators in the classroom and as leader’s workshops and community outreach activities.



To apply, send a cover letter, resume, and a list of three references to congregationallf@1000.wallace.org by June 16, 2017.