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Thursday, October 23, 2014
Reverend Dr. Leslie D. Callahan, Pastor
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Welcome to St. Paul’s
An Invitation from Pastor Callahan
Whether you're happy or sad, lost or lonely, full of  questions,
 or just looking for somewhere to feel at home,
 there is a place for you at St. Paul's.



Church Wide Small Group Bible Study 





This Week's Lesson: A Point of Refuge


Weekly Scripture Reading: Monday, October 20 - Saturday, October 26, 2014
Monday: Exodus 33:12-23
Tuesday: Psalm 96
Wednesday: Isaiah 55 
Thursday: Matthew 11: 25-30
Friday: Matthew 22:15-22
Saturday: 1 Thessalonians 1:1-10

There are some things whose beauty is most revealed when viewed from a distance... some paintings and architecture, well-tended landscapes whether sculpted by hand or nature’s intention, and even a new morning’s sunrise. There is beauty and glory that can be seen from afar. And then there are some things, some beauty, some glory that is most aptly revealed when we are closer than close… the tenderness of a baby’s laugh, the touch of a loved ones’ hand, and even the sound of our own voice as we work through the resolve to live a more healthy life. And then there is God, the presence, the glory, the voice of our Creator that calls us in to learn more of the One who loved us into life and continues to sustain us on the journey. There is a beauty that we are shown as we heed the call to come closer and to go deeper. It is not that these moments are free of challenge or struggle. It’s not even that these moments are not sometimes tinged with our own doubt or disappointments, but to know that God is beckoning us to come, that God desires to show us more of God’s Self, more of our own self, more of who we have been created to be and what God desires to accomplish with our lives brings with it a beauty, a glory that is worth the risk. As we prepare for this week’s scripture and questions, let’s continue with this time of reflection as we make our way to the One who is constantly calling us closer.

In Exodus 33, Moses asked God to show him God’s glory. What things, non-tangible are you asking God to reveal to you? What do you hope to gain by the request? What fears do you bring to the moment even as you ask?

What goals will you set this week to help you grow in your walk? How can you build on the areas you examined and the disciplines that you began last week?

How can we as a congregation help each other to grow deeper in our walk with Jesus Christ?



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