Our Staff

Pastor Reverend Dr. Leslie D. Callahan 215 763-1502 pastor@1000wallace.org
Minister of Music      
Minister of Prayer Reverend Gloria J. Moore   ministerofprayer@1000wallace.org
Minister of Administration Reverend Charisse R. Tucker 215 763-1502 ministerofadministration@1000wallace.org
E. Luther Cunningham Center

Program Director

M. Leland Miller II 215 765-2161 communitycenter@1000wallace.org
Receptionist Minister Jason O. Evans  215-763-1502 receptionist@1000wallace.org

2016 Officers

Chairperson of Deacons Ministry Deacon Ernestine Redd Jackson   deaconboard@1000wallace.org
Vice Chairman of Deacons Ministry Deacon David Cannon   deaconboard@1000wallace.org
Chairperson of Trustee Ministry Trustee Yvonne S. Harris   trusteeboard@1000wallace.org
 Vice Chairperson of Trustee Ministry Trustee Terri White   trusteeboard@1000wallace.org
President of Deaconess Ministry Deaconess Betty Cannon   deaconessboard@1000wallace.org
Director of Christian Education Deacon Gwen Winckler   christianed@1000wallace.org
Sunday School Superintendent James Dixon    
Children’s Ministry Chairperson Deacon Shaunda Watson    
Combined Ushers Ministry Director Deaconess Charlotte Eaddy and Gloria Dixon    
Constitution Revision Committee Chairman Deacon Frederick Robbins, Sr.    
Couples Ministry Chairperson Deacon William Payne and Deaconess Teresa Payne    
Inspirational Choir President Deacon Charles Brown    
Joint Ministries President Trustee Willie Cannon-Brown   jmc@1000wallace.org
Joint Ministries Secretary Deaconess Ione Watson    
Men’s Ministry President Leroy Potts   mensministry@1000wallace.org
Men’s Ministry Vice President M. Leland Miller II   mensministry@1000wallace.org
Ministry in Service to the Community President Deacon Louise H. Goodman    
Pastoral Care President Trustee Abbie Johnson    
Praise Dance Ministry Deacon Lisa Miller    
Tucker House Outreach Chairperson Deaconess Ione Watson    
Safety/Security Ministry President  Dr. Branville Bard    
Scholarship and Education Chairperson Deaconess Hazel Robbins    
Second Adult Ushers President Gloria Dixon    
Senior Ushers – Men President M. Leland Miller II    
Senior Ushers – Women President Deaconess Charlotte Eaddy    
St. Paul’s Federal Credit Union President Trustee Yvonne Harris   creditunion@1000wallace.org
Transportation Ministry Chairman Deacon Ralph E. Dukes    
Tree of Life Memorial Plaques Chairperson      
Youth Ushers President Domonique Gamble Eaddy