Thank you for visiting the St. Paul’s website. We hope you will plan to visit us at 10th & Wallace soon. We will greet you with a warm smile, and a sincere prayer that find a blessing in your visit.

Where do I go?

St. Paul’s is very excited that you are considering visiting at our 10th & Wallace Church home. We would like to personally greet you and help you and your family find your way around on your first visit with us.

If you come on Sunday morning, you will want to get to the Sanctuary. Enter the 10th Street entrance. You will be greeted by a St. Paul Family member eager to direct you the rest of the way. Our delightful Ushers will seat you and happily give you a bulletin that contains the order of service. Enjoy the Worship Service!

Where do my kids go?

At St. Paul’s, we believe that the worship service is for the family. Bring the children to the sanctuary with you. We love babies. When you know your children are in a loving and safe environment you can relax, allowing you to focus on worship and the Word.

What are the worship services like?

Worship at St. Paul’s is not just what happens on Sunday morning. Worship Services is a praise time each time we come together, whether it’s for bible study, church school, social hour after service, or just celebrating each other’s blessings. There is a sweet, sweet spirit in our worship services that words can not begin to describe. There is a comfort like being in your favorite spot. Gentle, smiling faces are engrossed at preaching time. The Holy Spirit has its way, and only the Holy Spirit tells you how to worship. You only need to join us to know that worship services are indescribably sweet!

A variety of worship singers, soloists bring special selections as offerings of praise to our Lord.  The praise dancers join in the service and gglorify God through this ministry of worship through the arts.

The highlight of the worship service is when God speaks to the body through the Pastor.  Pastor Callahan’s sermons are Word driven, instructive, and inspiring. God reigns at St. Paul’s!

What do I wear?

If you prefer dressy, business, or casual attire, chances are there will be others dressed much like you no matter when you visit. Sure, Sunday mornings are a time when many prefer to dress up a bit, but even if jeans are more your style, you’ll be right at home with us. Naturally, Wednesday evenings are slightly more casual than Sunday morning, but dress up or dress down, our worship service is not about us—it’s about praise and giving thanks!

Will I meet the Pastor?

Pastor Callahan would love to meet you! She is available after worship every Sunday morning to personally greet our guests and she cherishes the moments she gets to say hello.

If you would like a more in-depth visit with the Pastor, please call the church office to set up a time for a personal visit or a phone call (215 763 1502). She loves emails (

How do I join or make some other commitment to Christ? What about my kids?
You may meet the Pastor at the front of the church at the conclusion of the service when she open’s the doors of the church and share your decision with her.

You may also choose to contact the Pastor after the service has concluded, or contact her during the week. You can come by Christian experience, watch care, or a candidate for baptism. The Deacons and Deaconess’ will pray with you and give you all the information you need regardless of your decision. Pastor Callahan holds new member classes each Sunday.

When a child is ready to make a commitment to Christ they may also come forward during the invitation. Information about the child’s next step will be shared with the parents.


God loves you and we care about you. If we can help, please call our church office, and speak directly with the Pastor or the Deacons.

Thanks for considering St. Paul’s Baptist Church at 10th & wallace for Worship. We will keep the door open for you.